Apply Now : $25000 No Essay Scholarship

The 25000 No Essay Scholarship (Be Bold No Essay Scholarship) is a simple scholarship open to all students of any education level, school, field of study, irrespective of their GPA.


At, we trust that the brave—the warriors, the risk-takers, the sincere overachievers who won’t accept no for an answer—are those who will transform the world. These are the people who understand that a mountain is scaled one step at a time.

For students like you who are adamant about climbing the mountain, was created.

Benefits of No Essay Scholarship

The winners of Be Bold No Essay Scholarship will receive $25000 USD as scholarship which can be used to pay for tuition, accommodation, books, or any other educational expenses.

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How to Apply and Win Be Bold No Essay Scholarship

When you sign up for the platform, you have the chance to use your student profile to present your objectives, successes, and passion to scholarship panels.

The $25,000 “Be Bold” Scholarship is a no-essay scholarship that will be awarded to the applicant with the boldest profile.

Where to Apply for 25000 No Essay Scholarship

You can Apply for $25000 Be Bold No Essay Scholarship by creating a profile at from here

What does Be Bold mean ?

Boldest or Be Bold does not necessarily indicate “best” or “most accomplished” to us. Being courageous implies being Earnest, Determined and Moving.

According to these criteria, the scholarship will be given to the student with the most audacious profile.

Deadline to Apply for Be Bold No Essay Scholarship

The Deadline to Apply for $25000 Be Bold No Essay Scholarship is Aug 1, 2022. Early submission is encouraged for easy and quick processing.

When will Winners of be announced ?

The winners of the Scholarship will be announced on Nov 30, 2022. Although the scholarship will be awarded on November 30, 2022, there will be rolling monthly deadlines for applications. Students that submit their applications earlier in the application cycle will have a better chance of winning the prize.

Furthermore, this scholarship will be similar to the many easy scholarships available on in that it will favor students who apply earlier—who are bold and seize the day without procrastinating.

Is Be Bold Scholarship legit Scholarships are legit because they display the winners list of different Scholarships on their website. Below is a screenshot of recent winners of scholarships at

Are scholarships legit - Winners list
Screenshot of Scholarship winners


Please check the guidelines at website before applying for any Scholarship.

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