Hawak Kamay Scholarship 2023 PHINMA AU is open | Apply Now

Hawak Kamay Scholarship 2023/2024 is open for all eligible Incoming Freshmen. The PHINMA-Araullo University (Phinma AU) has announced the launch of Hawak Kamay Scholarship 2023 in its facebook post on May 19, 2023.

Hawak Kamay Scholarship PHINMA AU-Araullo University
Hawak Kamay Scholarship PHINMA AU-Araullo University

The Hawak Kamay Scholarship is awarded to students who have passed the HK qualifying examination, which is held during the pre-enrollment season of the specific school year.

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What is PHINMA AU Hawak Kamay Scholarship

Hawak Kamay Scholarship provided by Phinma Araullo University enable Filipino students to pursue their educational goals. All eligible Incoming Freshmen College students will get a chance to avail scholarship grant valid until completion of the chosen college program with no maintaining grades required. Here everyone deserves to be in the spotlight.

The list of passers will be made public or announced during the early registration period.

What are the Benefits of Hawak Kamay Scholarship

The Benefits of PHINMA AU Hawak Kamay Scholarship 2023 are as follows:

  • Scholarship Grants
  • Upto 75% Discount on Tuition and Miscellaneous fees
  • 4-year college scholarship
  • Renewable every semester
  • No requirement to maintain grades

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PHINMA Education

PHINMA Education has provided quality education to underserved youth who are often the first in their families to go to college.

Since 2004, Phinma Education has provided education to more than 120,000 students in the Philippines and Indonesia. With passing rate of 75% for First-time board exam takers, and 122 board exam topnotchers in the Philippines, this has emerged as one of the premier educational institution.

Phinma Education offers 110+ programs across its schools.

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List of PHINMA Schools

Following is the list of Schools run by PHINMA Education:

  • PHINMA University of Pangasinan (UPang)
  • PHINMA Saint Jude College (SJC)
  • PHINMA Republican College (RC)
  • PHINMA Rizal College of Laguna (RCL)
  • PHINMA Union College of Laguna (UCL)
  • PHINMA Araullo University (AU)
  • PHINMA University of Iloilo (UI)
  • Southwestern University (SWU)
  • PHINMA Cagayan de Oro College (COC)
  • Horizon Education Indonesia

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Who can Apply for Scholarship

The Hawak Kamay (HK) Scholarship is open to all incoming First Year Freshmen College students and Transferees studying at PHINMA Schools.

How to Apply for Phinma AU Hawak Kamay Scholarship

All Interested and eligible students can apply for Hawak Kamay Scholarship 2023 by visiting the HK Scholarship Online Portal.

Hawak Kamay Scholarship 2023 Phinma AU Application and Enrollment
Hawak Kamay Scholarship 2023 Phinma AU Application and Enrollment

Hawak Kamay Qualifiers Enrollment

If you are a HK Qualifier, then please know that enrollment is going on for the School year 2023-2024, and you can register for the enrollment by visiting the HK Early Enrollment portal.

Hawak Kamay Scholarship Deadline

  • The HK Scholarship 2023 is open to apply for all eligible Filipinos.
  • The Deadline to apply for PHINMA AU Hawak Kamay Scholarship 2023 is extended.

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[Source: PHINMA-Araullo University]