Remitly College Scholarship 2024 is Open | Apply Now

Remitly Scholarship 2024 is open to apply for all Filipino college students for the Scholarship period March 2024 – June 2024. All interested college students can apply for the scholarship.

Remitly Scholarship 2024 Application
Remitly Scholarship 2024 Application

You can use this scholarship amount to pay for your tuition fees and to support your education.

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What is Remitly Scholarship

Remitly is an online money transfer service company which enables thousands of people to conveniently send money from the United States to the Philippines every month through its website.

Since educational support is among one of the most important reasons for the people to transfer money, the company has announced Remitly Scholarship to serve the Filipino community.

Scholarship Benefits

Remitly Scholarship 2024 provides a direct monthly financial assistance of USD$100 (around Php 5500)* per month over the course of 4 months to qualified students.

*depending upon currency conversion rates

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Eligibility for Scholarship

To be eligible to apply for Remitly Scholarship, a candidate must fulfil the following qualifications:

  • Applicant must be a Full-time student enrolled at a participating institution.
  • The Current Participating institutions are:
    • Mapua Institute of Technology and
    • University of the Philippines (College of Education College of Engineering, and College of Arts and Letters)
  • Must have a General Weighted Average (GPA) of at least “B” (or equivalent) in the previous school year
  • No individual grades below “C+” (or equivalent)
  • Submission of completed scholarship application
  • Agreement to the scholarship Terms and Conditions
  • Agreement to receive scholarship payment directly
  • The applicant must Intent to complete higher education program on time.

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Requirements for Remitly Scholarship

Following are the requirements to apply for Remitly Scholarship:

  • Must be a Resident of Philippines
  • Must enroll at a participating institution of higher education

How are the Scholars selected

The Qualified scholars for Remitly Cares Scholarships will be selected based on their ability to meet program eligibility requirements as well as the content of their application statement.

Please note that, No purchase or service to Remitly is required to apply for scholarship.

Scholarship Application Timeline

The Remitly College Scholarship 2024 is ongoing and is open to apply now.

The deadline to apply for Remitly Scholarship 2024 is January 30, 2024.

How to apply for Remitly Scholarship

You can apply for Remitly Scholarship 2024 by visiting the online scholarship application portal here:

5 Step Easy Application process:

  • Visit the application portal
  • Read all details
  • Click on ‘Next’ for the application
  • Now Fill the application form with all its completeness
  • Submit Application form

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[Source: Mapúa University]