UPCAT 2024 Application Step-by-step Guide

UPCAT 2024 will be conducted nationwide on June 3 & 4, 2023. To take admission in the University of the Philippines, one must have to pass the UPCAT test. So, in this article, we will understand the Qualifications, Documentary Requirements, Step-by-step application process of the UPCAT 2024.

As the main State University, UP offers a diverse range of degree programs. Specific degree programs are only available on one campus (for example, BS Nursing and BA Filipino), whereas others are available on two or more campuses (e.g., B Fine Arts, BS Statistics). The majority of these require qualifying an Entrance exam i.e., UP College Admission Test (UPCAT).

UPCAT 2024 Application - Step-by-Step Process
UPCAT 2024 Online Application – Step-by-Step Process

Table of Contents

UPCAT 2024 subjects

Before diving into the application process, let us give you a brief view of UPCAT 2024 subjects.

The UPCAT test primarily consists of 4 subtests:

  • Language Proficiency (in English and Filipino),
  • Reading Comprehension (in English and Filipino),
  • Science, and
  • Mathematics.

The admission score (“UPG”) is determined by combining standardized UPCAT scores with a composite of final grades from Grades 8 to 11. In order to implement the policy of democratic access, UP takes socioeconomic and geographic factors into account during the admissions process.

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Eligibility to Apply for UPCAT 2024 Application

Following is the eligibity criteria to apply for UPCAT 2024 exam:

  1. Must be a Senior high school student expecting to graduate before SY 2024-2025 from a DepEd-accredited high school or an accredited secondary school abroad; OR
  2. A Graduate of a DepEd-accredited high school or accredited secondary school abroad; AND
  3. The student must have final grades for Grade 8, 9, 10 and Grade 11;
  4. He or She must not have taken any college subject/s prior to the opening of SY 2024-2025;
  5. Must not have taken the UP College Admission Test in the AY 2020-2021 intake or earlier; AND
  6. Must not have applied and completed the UP College Application for the AY 2021-2022 (UPCA 2021), AY 2022-2023 (UPCA 2022), or the AY 2023-2024 (UPCA 2023) intake.

Students who fulfil the eligibility criteria can apply for the exam.

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Required Documents for UPCAT Application

Following are the list of documents required to apply for the UPCAT exam:

Please note that the list of document varies depending upon the category of the applicant. So, make sure to read this carefully.

General Document Requirements for all Students

Fully accomplished Forms:

  • Form 1 Personal Data Sheet (filled out by the applicant in March-April 2023)
  • Form 2A (filled out by the high school in March-April 2023)
  • Form 2B High School Record (filled out by the applicant in September 2023 provided the applicant took the UPCAT)

A certified true copy of the Permanent Secondary School Record (F137/SF10) signed in wet signature of the authorized school personnel (sealed in an envelope with wet signature on the flap) should be submitted to the UP Office of Admissions.

IF High school graduate

For graduate, you need a High School Diploma.

IF Graduating in 2024 from a local HS

If you are Graduating in 2024 from a local HS, then include DepEd Certificate of Recognition or Permit to Operate (to be submitted by the high school).

ONLY IF Transferee (i.e., has taken subjects from another high school)

If you are a Transferee, then include a Certified clear photocopy of the Permanent Secondary School Record (F137/SF10) from other school with all the grades earned therein.

For Foreign Applicants Only

If you are a Foreign Applicant, you must include Proof of payment of application processing fee.

Important Notes:

Students are advised to be mindful of the following steps in filing your application:

  • Upon completing Form 1 in the Online Portal and clicking on ‘Submit Form 1’, a request will be sent to your high school to verify your enrollment.
  • After SY 2022-2023, when all final grades in Grades 8 to 11 are available, your school will be requested to provide you with a copy of your school record either in digital or hardcopy.
  • You are encouraged to follow up this request to expedite your application.
  • Upon receipt, use this document as reference in filling out Form 2B in the same portal.
  • A certified true copy of your grades placed inside a sealed envelope authenticated with a wet signature of an authorized school official on the flap should also be provided to UP by your high school.

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Step-by-Step Application Process for UPCAT 2024

Following is a Step-by-step Application Process to apply for UPCAT 2024:

1. Filling the Application Form

For Manual Applications: Please note that the Manual application for UPCAT exam will only be available in selected regional areas.

For Online Applications: Online Applications for UPCAT 2024 opens by March 8, 2023.

Follow the following step-by-step guide to apply online for the exam:

  1. Go to UPCAT 2024 Online Application portal (link given in the bottom of the post, so, don’t hurry up, first read all the steps carefully).
  2. You will need a valid email address to log into your application account and receive notifications about the status and results of your application.
    • To facilitate application, we recommend using a personal email address rather than a school-related email address.
    • Please ensure that you encode your full name, date of birth, and school name exactly as they appear on your birth certificate.
    • Please send an email to [email protected] if your school is not listed among the options.
  3. Students are strongly encouraged to use secured e-mail accounts preferably with two-step verification to better protect their right to data privacy.
  4. Do not create multiple accounts as these will cause much delay in accessing your application forms.
  5. Students are required to read the UP Privacy Notice for Applicants for First Year Admissions Academic Year 2024-2025 completely before creating your account and filling out Form 1.
  6. Make sure you have a stable and secure internet connection
  7. Fill out Form 1 completely and accurately.
  8. Write down your Email address and Password, so that you don’t forget them.

2. For Schools with an existing valid email address in our database

For schools with an existing valid email address in our database, the Online portal shall automatically forward a request to your high school principal/school head to fill out Form 2A (High School Profile).

  • Only a duly authorized school official may fill out this form.
  • You will be notified accordingly once your high school has accomplished Form 2A.
  • For updates in the school email address in our database, the authorized school official must send a request to [email protected] for the correct email format.

3. FOR NON-FILIPINO APPLICANTS ONLY: Pay the Application fee

Non Filipinos have to pay a Non-refundable Application Fee, which is as follows:

  • P450 for resident foreign applicants studying in the Philippines
  • US$50 for non-resident foreign applicants

Mode of Application Fees Payment

The application fee may be paid through any of the following:

  • Land Bank (LBP) Account No. 1462-2220-13 (only for peso payments)
    • Account Name: UPS Trust (UPCAT)
  • Land Bank (LBP) Account No. 3074-0029-26 (for US dollar payments)
    • Account Name: UPS Trust (UPCAT)
    • Swift Code TLBPPHMM with Address:
      Landbank UP Diliman Branch
      2nd Floor PNB Bldg.
      Apacible Street, UP Campus Diliman
      Quezon City Philippines

Please note the following points:

  • Landbank will be charging a service fee of P25 for every application;
  • Different banks have also set their own fees for the purchase of Manager’s Checks and Cashier’s Checks.
  • Send a picture or scanned copy of the proof of payment to [email protected].

4. Claiming your Test Permit

The student will be notified by email if their Test Permit is already available. Due to the expected large volume of applicants, test permits will be distributed in a scheduled basis in May 2023.

Upon filing your UPCAT application, you will be asked to indicate how to claim your test permit. Please choose from the following options:

  • In person at the Office of Admissions
  • Through an authorized representative who will be required to present and provide a copy of her or his government issued ID, letter of authorization from you and your school ID or any valid government issued ID card and a copy thereof
  • By prepaid return courier pouch you will provide
  • At the Regional Test Center a day before your examination schedule.
5. Attending the UP College Admission Test – UPCAT 2024

The UPCAT test is scheduled on June 3-4, 2023.

Students must go to their designated Test Center on the date specified in your Test Permit: June 3 or 4, 2023. Be there by 6:30am (morning session) or 12nn (afternoon session).

  • Bring only your Test Permit, School ID or any valid government issued ID card, 2 good quality pencils, sharpener, rubber eraser and snacks.
  • The test administration will last about five hours.

The use of cellphones, calculating devices, and/or cameras during the test is strictly prohibited.

Please note that the Application will not be Processed and No Admission score will be computed for applicants who did not take the test.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to observe minimum public health standards at all times.

If you are a member of an Indigenous People’s Group, please obtain an official certification (i.e., National Commission on Indigenous Peoples, National Commission on Muslim Filipinos) and submit when you take the UPCAT during your assigned test date to your proctor.

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6. Filling Form 2B in September 2023

Do this once you receive a copy of your High School Records and your final grades in Grades 8 to 11 are complete.

  • Go to https://upcat2024online.up.edu.ph.
  • You will need the email address and password you used for signing up in the application portal to log on to your application account.
  • You are required to read the UP Privacy Notice for Applicants for First Year Admissions Academic Year 2024-2025 before filling out Form 2B.
  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection.
  • Fill out Form 2B completely and accurately.

Please note that the Application will not be Processed and No Admission score will be computed for UPCAT-takers who did not Fill out Form 2B.

7. Checking if the completed Forms 1 and 2B are uploaded in the Online Portal

  • You will be notified by email regarding the status of your application.
  • You may also monitor the status of your application by logging on to your UP College Application online account (https://upcat2024online.up.edu.ph).

Please check with your school if a copy of your school record (sealed in an envelope with wet signature on flap) has been sent to UP.
Non-submission will render your application incomplete and shall not be processed.

Visit https://upcat2024.up.edu.ph regularly for announcements and updates regarding your application for admission.

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Application Results

Students can check the UP website https://upcat2024.up.edu.ph for announcements of the application results.

  • You will need the same email account that you used for application to view your application results.
  • If you qualify for admission to UP, register according to the instructions provided by the college or unit to which you have been accepted.

Important Dates

Following are the important dates and timeline which a student should keep in mind for the UPCAT 2024:

Application Period

  • Start of Online Application for the test: 8 March 2023.
  • Deadline for filing of online application: 15 April 2023.

UPCAT Exam Dates

The UPCAT 2024 exam will be administered nationwide on June 3 & 4, 2023.

Deadline Extended

The UPCAT-U.P System via a Facebook post said that UPCAT 2024 Application deadline is extended :

  • Form 1 submission until April 20, 2023.
  • Form 2A submission and confirmation of students are due until April 24, 2023.

Following are the list of Important links for students applying for UCPAT 2024:

UPCAT Online Application Portal: https://upcat2024online.up.edu.ph/.

UPCAT Applications Email: [email protected].

University of the Philippines (UP) Privacy Notice for Applicants for First Year Admissions Academic Year 2024-2025.

UPCAT 2024 Results Announcement: https://upcat2024.up.edu.ph/

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