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The Megaworld Scholarship is one of the best Philippines scholarships and attracts thousands of applications every year to compete for the scholarship’s restricted number of slots. Read below to know the Benefits, Qualifications, Documentary Requirements, Deadline and How to Apply for this Scholarship


Megaworld Foundation supports 1,000 scholars in 76 partner schools in Metro Manila and several provinces till date. The scholars are provided with full tuition fee, allowances and career opportunities in Megaworld, its subsidiaries, and affiliates after they finish their studies.

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Megaworld Scholarship Benefits

The benefits of Megaworld Scholarship 2023 are as follows

  • Full tuition fee coverage
  • Allowance per school year: These allowances can be accessible using Megaworld Foundation-issued ATM cards
  • Volunteerism Activities and Seminars: The “pay it forward” culture is inculcated in scholars as they practice social responsibility. They are invited in charitable activities and relevant workshops for their holistic growth.
  • Career / Job opportunities at Megaworld Corporation and/or its subsidiaries and affiliates

Qualifications to apply for Scholarship

The Qualifications / Requirements to apply for the Scholarship are:

For Incoming Freshmen Applicants

  1. Must have a Final grade report of at least 85% or its equivalent in senior high school with an average ; and with at least 80% grade in all subjects.
  2. Must have a passing result from a university entrance exam, letter of admission or certificate of enrollment.
  3. Must have a certificate of upper 10% class ranking of graduating batch (if available).

For Incoming Sophomores and Juniors Applicants

  1. All grade reports from previous semesters to the current semester with a GPA of at least 85% or its equivalent, and with at least 80% grade in all subjects.
  2. Must have a full load enrollment assessment/registration form with class schedule.
  3. Must have a Complete and most updated course curriculum.

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Documentary Requirements

The documents required to apply for Scholarship are

  1. Submit an Income Tax Return (ITR) not exceeding Php 300,000.00 combined gross annual income (original copy) or BIR Tax Exemption Certificate of Father and Mother and Affidavit of Non-filing of Income Tax
  2. Must submit Birth certificate of the applicant
  3. Submit an Endorsement letter from the College or University (if available)
  4. Submit Utility bills such as rent, electricity, water, telephone, internet, etc.
  5. Submit 2X2 I.D. pictures – 2 pcs.
  6. Submit 1X1 I.D. pictures – 2 pcs.
  7. Must Submit Photograph of applicant with family/guardian

Important Notes:

Following are the important points to remember while applying for the Scholarship:

  • The online application requires clear scanned copies of the following files. Kindly secure these physical documents as well as these would be submitted further on.
  • Upon completion of the above requirements, the applicant shall be asked to fill out certain documents and shall undergo interviews to further assess qualifications.
  • Applications with incomplete details and requirements will not be processed.

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How to Apply for MegaWorld Scholarship 2023

Steps to Apply for Megaworld Scholarship are as follows:

Megaworld Scholarship Application
Megaworld Scholarship Application 2023-2024
  • Step-1: Go to Application link (given below) and select your college/university name, enter details regarding Date, School year, Semester, Course etc..
  • Step-2: Please specify if you have other source not listed on the options and any Remarks.
  • Step-3: Enter your personal details like Name, Email Address, Mobile Number, Permanent Address etc…
  • Step-4: Specify your Family Background and Enter details about your siblings if any.
  • Step-5: Enter details if you are receiving any financial support from anyone.
  • Step-6: Submit details your Income Allocation in the fields given in the form
  • Step-7: Submit details of your Primary and Secondary Education
  • Step-8: Enter details of references if any along with their contact information
  • Step-9: Write a little about yourself, your aspiration and family
  • Step-10: Write an essay about How this Scholarship will help you in achieving your dreams.
  • Step-11: Submit all attachments here in the form of .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bitmap or PDF files only [Max: 3 MB]

Deadline for Megaworld Scholarship

The Deadline to apply for MegaWorld Scholarship is April 29, 2023.

What are the Megaworld Partner Schools

The Partner Schools of Megaworld Scholarship are as

Megaworld Scholarship Partner Schools
Megaworld Scholarship Partner Schools

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Link to Megaworld Scholarship Notification.

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