TNT Sim Registration – Register TNT Sim Card Online

TNT Sim Registration is mandatory for all TNT Sim card users in the Philippines. SIM Registration is the first step towards protecting yourself from Online Scams and frauds. The government of Philippines has implemented SIM Registration Act to safeguard the privacy of sim card users in the Philippines and to eradicate online spam, scams and frauds.

TNT SIM Card Registration Online
TNT SIM Card Registration Online

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TNT Sim Registration

The TNT Sim – popularly known as Talk ‘N Text, Piltel, Mobiline, Phone Pal is a sim card company by the Smart Communications in the Philippines. Following the guidelines of SIM Registration Act, TNT SIM Card company encourages all its users to get their TNT SIM registered.

TNT Sim Card can be registered online and involves various steps and requires various documents. To make the sim registration process easy, we have written this article. Read this article to know about Who can register TNT SIM, Requirements, List of acceptable documents and a step-by-step guide on How to register TNT SIM Online.

Who can register TNT SIM Card

The SIM Registration Act makes registration of SIM card mandatory for all users in the Philippines. Whether you are a Filipino citizen, Foreign National or a company using sim card in the Philippines, you must get your sim card registered.

Here is the list of users who can register TNT Sim card:

  • Existing users: All existing users of TNT SIM must register their sim card to continue using the services.
  • New users: All new users of TNT Sim must register their sim card to activate the sim card and start availing the services.

Requirements to register TNT SIM

Following is the list of requirements one must know to register TNT Sim card online:

  • A Mobile Number with Serial Number (Serial number to be provided by SMART)
  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Complete Address
  • Sex / Gender
  • A valid government-issued ID (list given below)
  • A Selfie photo / liveness check for validation

List of Valid Government IDs

A valid government ID is required to validate the sim registration process. The list of valid government ID’s required to verify the identity of users is as follows:

  1. Passport;
  2. Philippine Identification;
  3. Social Security System ID;
  4. Government Service Insurance System E-Card;
  5. Driver’s License;
  6. National Bureau of Investigation Clearance;
  7. Police Clearance;
  8. Firearms’ License to Own and Possess ID;
  9. Professional Regulation Commission ID;
  10. Integrated Bar of the Philippines ID;
  11. Overseas Workers Welfare Administration ID;
  12. Bureau of Internal Revenue ID;
  13. Voter’s ID;
  14. Senior Citizen’s Card;
  15. Unified Multi-purpose Identification Card;
  16. Person with Disabilities Card; or
  17. Other valid government-issued ID with Photo

SIM Registration Guidelines

For a successful sim registration, one must follow the following guidelines:

  • Note that providing false or fictitious information, using fictitious identities or fraudulent identification documents to register a SIM, carries with it a penalty of imprisonment, fine, or both, pursuant to RA No. 11934.
  • After submitting the requirements, subscribers need to accept the attestation statement, and may provide their consent for marketing and promotions.
  • For Postpaid subscribers, the information and documents submitted during application already covers the SIM Registration requirements.

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Step-by-step TNT SIM Registration Guide

There are three main steps involved in registering the TNT Sim Card Online:

  1. Visit the TNT SIM Registration Online website (link given below)
  2. Validate your SIM and Fill the Online SIM Registration Form and Upload required documents
  3. Get Control Number after successful registration

How to register TNT SIM Card Online

Follow the steps given below to register TNT Sim card Online

  1. First, visit the online TNT SIM Registration website
  2. Scroll down, find Start your Registration Here! Heading and Enter your mobile number
  3. Tick the checkbox after reading Terms & Conditions and Privacy Notice
  4. Now, click on Send OTP and you will receive a One-Time-Pin (OTP) in text message
  5. Enter the OTP and click on submit, you will see a success message
  6. Select the Type of Registration and fill the Customer Information form
  7. Select Nationality, ID Card and Upload Valid ID and Upload Selfie
  8. Fill out the form and upload your valid government ID by taking a picture
  9. You will see auto-filled details in the ID Card Number, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name sections, Select your Birthday Date and Sex / Gender and click Next.
  10. Fill the Address information completely including Zip code
  11. Enter Alternate contact information like contact number an email address and click Next
  12. Now, you will see the summary of all the information. Check all your information once again
  13. Tap on the checkbox to accept the attestation statement stating the information provided by you is true, correct and accurate and click Next
  14. Now, you will see a congratulations page with Control Number and a message stating that you have successfully registered your SIM.
  15. Make sure to take a screenshot of the control number for future as this control number serves as your certificate of registration.

SIM Registration Video Guide

To register TNT SIM Card, visit the online TNT Sim Registration website link from here:

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How to register TNT Sim

Register TNT SIM Card in 3 easy steps. Step 1 – visit the online TNT Sim Registration website, Step 2 – Validate your SIM and fill the online registration form and upload required documents, and Step 3 – Receive Control Number after successful sim registration.
Here is a step-by-step guide on How to Register TNT Sim card online

How to activate TNT Sim

New sim users must complete the sim registration to activate their TNT Sim. Your TNT Sim will activate shortly after successful sim registration

TNT SIM Registration Link

The online link for TNT Sim Registration is

Is TNT Sim Registration Free?

Yes, registering a TNT Sim card is free of charge.

TNT SIM Registration Requirements

The requirements for TNT Sim Registration are: Mobile Number, Full Name, Date of Birth, Complete Address, Sex / Gender, Valid government-issued ID and A Selfie photo / liveness check for validation