$1000 Pet Lover Scholarship : Apply Now

This $1,000 Pet Lover Scholarship by Pettable is an easy No Essay Scholarship and is open to Pet owner or pet lovers who are Undergraduate or graduate student. Pettable Pet Lovers Scholarship is sponsored by Pettable at Bold.org.

About Pettable Pet Lover Scholarship

Coming home from a long day at work or school and finding your pet waiting for you at the doorway is a wonderful feeling.

At Pettable, we believe that all pets are members of the family, and we want to recognise your (and your pet’s) success! We are so happy that you have your pet by your side because we are aware of how frightening major life upheavals can be.

$1000 pet lovers scholarship
Pet lover Scholarship

Pets are the best company and are incredibly beneficial to our mental health. We at Pettable can attest to the therapeutic value of owning a pet. In order to connect people with licenced mental health specialists who are authorised to issue ESA Letters for housing and travel, we created Pettable.

This award intends to help college students who love their pets and are pet owners who value that love.

Who can Apply for $1000 Pet Lover Scholarship

Any Undergraduate or graduate student who’s a pet owner or pet lover may apply for this scholarship. 

How to Apply for Pettable Pet Lover Scholarship

  • To apply, share the story behind your pet photo submission!
  • Write a short Instagram caption about how your pet has enriched your life or improved your mental health. Include the name of your pet as well as a link to your Instagram account.
  • The most creative entries will be featured on the Pettable Instagram!
  • Please enter your Instagram handle link below where it says “Enter your application link.”

Deadline to Apply for $1000 Pet Lover Scholarship

The Deadline to apply for $1000 Pettable Pet Lover Scholarship is Aug 1, 2022

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Announcement of winners

The Announcement of winners for $1000 Pettable Pet Lovers Scholarship will be announced on Aug 31, 2022

Source : Pettable – Bold.org

Is Bold.org scholarships legit

It looks like Bold.org scholarships are legit because they display the winners list of Scholarships

Are Bold.org scholarships legit - Winners list
Winners list – Bold.org


Before Applying for Scholarship, please check all guidelines of scholarship.

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